We guarantee that all glasses purchased from our online store are as described and free from defects. The warranty is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

The warranty only applies to glasses purchased from this online store. We are not responsible for the quality of products purchased from unauthorized sales outlets.

Signs of wear, such as scratches on lenses or frames, are not covered under warranty.

Our glasses are not covered by the warranty if they are damaged due to:

Improper use (for example, you put on/take off glasses with one hand or wear them on your head)

Improper care (for example, if you do not store your glasses in a case)

Accident or negligence (for example, you dropped your glasses or sat on them)

Other cases not related to manufacturing defects, quality of products and materials

How to use the guarantee

To take advantage of the warranty, you must send the purchase receipt and a photograph of the defect to info@eigengraueyewear.com

In some cases, it is necessary to send the product for additional examination. To prevent your glasses from being further damaged during transportation, please pack them in a case. If these instructions have not been followed, we reserve the right to make a decision based on the photographs you submit and are not responsible for damage caused during transit of the glasses.

An application for exchange under warranty is reviewed within 10 business days. If the claim is made within 1 (one) months of purchase and the damage is determined to be a defect/manufacturing defect, we will replace the glasses with new ones free of charge. If this model is no longer in stock at this time, we will offer you a replacement from models in the same price category.

If during the examination the damage is not recognized as a defect or manufacturing defect, our customer service will contact you.